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All our patio furniture and gazebos come finely sanded and ready to be stained or left natural.

NATURAL (Unstained)
Western Redcedar's natural oil content provides protection against harsh outdoor elements better than any other wood. That is why Western Redcedar patio furniture will easily outlast patio furniture made of softwoods and hardwoods such as Pine, Maple or Oak. If left unfinished, Western Redcedar patio furniture will weather to a beautiful silver gray colour. Choosing this maintenance free option will provide you with years of trouble free enjoyment

Staining will prolong the life of your furniture significantly, and if you follow the suggested maintenance instructions below, your furniture can last indefinitely.

If you choose to stain your furniture, we recommend using ProLuxe 1 Wood Finish (also commonly known as Cetol 1) and the colour we recommend is called 78 Natural. This is a superior stain that thoroughly penetrates the wood and truly highlights the natural colours of Redcedar. For extra-long lasting protection, you can apply a top coat of ProLuxe 23 Top Coat. All our catalogue photos show the furniture finished this way.

The ProLuxe stains are easy to apply. Don’t be afraid to take this on. You will be surprised how easy it is and how rewarding it is to see the natural colours of the Redcedar “Pop out” when you first apply the stain. The staining process can be a very enjoyable part of acquiring your Classic Cedar Furniture.

ProLuxe stainProLuxe stain


Maintaining the Finish

Over time, it is the sun, not the rain that will do the most damage to the stained finish. The finish on furniture located in a shaded area will significantly outlast a finish fully exposed to the sun all day long. The breakdown of the stain can occur within a couple of years or not for 3 or 4 years from the first application, and largely depends on the annual amount of exposure to the sun.

stain breaking down

To maintain the finish in its prime we recommend you keep an eye for some telling signs that the finish is starting to break down. Click the photo to the right that shows slight discoloration in the finish. This is a sure sign that it is time to brush on a maintenance coat of stain. In preparation for the maintenance coat, gently wash the furniture free of all grime with a cloth or soft brush using a mild solution of TSP or dish soap, rinse well and let thoroughly dry. GENTLY sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper, careful not to break through the stain. Wipe off sanded residue and apply stain as per manufacturer's directions.

Please note that you will only need to do this on the top surfaces exposed to the sun. The underside of the furniture will be looking like new for many years and will not require this maintenance.

We recommend you use ProLuxe 23 Wood Finish (Previously known as Cetol 23 Plus) if the existing finish is still in good shape or ProLuxe 1 Wood Finish (Previously known as Cetol 1) if the original stain has broken down to bare wood. The colour we use is 78 Natural.


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